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Roadtrips & Meetings
Roadtrips and meetings all over the island
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Complete social network options including private profile, profile photo, cover photo, friend requests, private messages, public messages, emoticons etc


Every road-trip is a unique experience! Our club travels all over Cyprus exploring the island or just enjoying our rides. If you like to join us, all you have to do is sign up!


We support charities and fundraising in different ways, we organize a variety of activities and we participate in social activities like concerts, marathons etc

Exclusive Items

Yaris Club Cyprus has its own collection of items for personal use or automotive use like member cards, T-shirts, USB’s, stickers etc


What is the best way to capture a moment? In every activity or event we take photos and videos which are uploaded in our website photo albums and video albums or YouTube channel.

Car Support

You can visit our database for frequent problems or maintenance advise for your car. Also we have a list of known aftermarket parts or accessories that fit on Vitz or Yaris models.